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Road Test - 2012 Hyundai Sonata

Road Test - 2012 Hyundai Sonata

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Fiesta Automatic launched,
Pulse to get pricier

Cardekho team brings you the weekly scoop from the Indian car market.
The week started at a high note with the launch of Ford's new Fiesta Automatic at a gala event in Delhi just today. Fiesta Automatic is rolled out in two trims levels namely Style and Titanium+. The sedan has been priced aggressively at Rs 8.99 lakh (ex-showroom Delhi), the car is likely to be sold in good numbers with.

Launching the cars at introductory prices and then increasing the price after a some time is a common trend in the domestic market. Similar news is coming from French car maker Renault who recently had launched the premium hatch Pulse at the Auto Expo 2012 in January. Pulse price will get a bump and is expected to be pricier by 2%, the new price will go into effect by March 8th.

In our Road Test section this week we bring you Hyundais much awaited Luxary sedan the All New Sonata 2.4 GDi. Our Editor Ritesh Madhok tested the New fluidic Sonata in Chennai to bring you a comprehensive detailed review of the best looking Luxary sedan in the segment in recent times.

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Ford Fiesta Automatic bows in at Rs 8.99 lakh

Ford Fiesta Automatic launched in India

Ford India was literally working very hard on its products and now the firm has launched the much anticipated sedan, Ford Fiesta Automatic.The automatic version..Read More

Renault Pulse price to be hiked by 2 % from March 8th

Renault Pulse

Renault India Pvt Ltd, the fully owned subsidiary of Renault s.a.s., today announced a price increase for its compact premium car - the Pulse. Renault Pulse..Read More

Toyota Etios, a complete family car

Toyota Etios

I am looking to buy a sedan car and my friend suggested me to find out details about Toyota Etios. Recently I got a chance to test drive Etios and I am very much satisfied..Read More

Renault Pulse is an amazing premium hatch

Renault Pulse

Recently my friend bought Renault Pulse and I also got a chance to drive the all new Pulse hatch. After its test run I feel it is one of the best small cars which offers..Read More

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The Hindu Crossword #8562 - 28th Mar 2006



1 Water-proof hat as protection from a strong wind (9) WORD [EXPLANATION]

5 Work the man left to enquire after (4) WORD [EXPLANATION]

8 What a cat is wont to do when he is pleased with you (3) WORD [EXPLANATION]

9 Company ruse got to punish severely (7) WORD [EXPLANATION]

10 Artificial universal language (3) WORD [EXPLANATION]

11 Play monotonously on an instrument (5) WORD [EXPLANATION]

12 Nation-wide economics (9) WORD [EXPLANATION]

13 Constant visitor or resident (7) WORD [EXPLANATION]

15 Befaults and come after (6) WORD [EXPLANATION]

17 The loner the lady's with in Germany (6) WORD [EXPLANATION]

18 Embraced and nestled together (7) WORD [EXPLANATION]

21 Materialisation of an issue (9) WORD [EXPLANATION]

22 Approves sanction (5) WORD [EXPLANATION]

24 Time just before anything (3) WORD [EXPLANATION]

25 Narrow part connecting two large parts (7) WORD [EXPLANATION]

26 Signed document for acknowledgement of debt (1,1,1) WORD [EXPLANATION]

27 Course of medical treatment (4) WORD [EXPLANATION]

28 What a waiter might do in prison (5,4) WORD [EXPLANATION]


1 Scrape without marking to relieve itching (7) WORD [EXPLANATION]

2 Unlock to open (5) WORD [EXPLANATION]

3 Deceitful pair stood opposite (3-5) WORD [EXPLANATION]

4 Stare right at the most remarkable (6) WORD [EXPLANATION]

5 Now I understand money falls to the floor (3,5,5) WORD [EXPLANATION]

6 Proceeding from God (9) WORD [EXPLANATION]

7 Small tumours with treacle-like ramifications (6) WORD [EXPLANATION]

9 Approximately resembling (9,4) WORD [EXPLANATION]

14 Memorandum of contents (9) WORD [EXPLANATION]

16 Shreiking bird making sensational headlines (8) WORD [EXPLANATION]

17 Made to make a person look taller (6) WORD [EXPLANATION]

19 Heated controversy (7) WORD [EXPLANATION]

20 One tune that joins together (6) WORD [EXPLANATION]

23 A politician making excuse? (5) WORD [EXPLANATION]

The Hindu Crossword #8561 - 27th Mar 2006



1 Not genuine beaver? (5,5) FALSE BEARD [Direct Clue??]

6 Tough ruffian (4) THUG [Direct Clue??]

9 Short, pithy traditional saying (7) PROVERB [Explanation please??]

10 First-rate money (7) CAPITAL [Explanation please??]

12 Claimed to be of tenths or tens (8) DECIMALS [Direct Clue]

13 Ancient British and Irish alphabet (5) OGHAM [Direct Clue??]

15 Toned to be renowned and famous (5) NOTED [Anag of NOTED]

17 and 21 proceeds from crime? (3,6,5) ILL GOTTEN GAINS [Direct Clue]

19 Telephone offices out of small cash? (9) EXCHANGE [Direct Clue]

21 See 17 across

23 Picture of sexually attractive person (3,2) PIN UP [Direct Clue]

24 Useful acquaintances (8) CONTACTS [Direct Clue]

27 A silly love-maker who mixes up his words initially (7) SPOONER [Explanation please??]

28 Glue put on fire results in oral complaint (7) GUMBOIL [GUM + BOIL]

29 Waves breaking on shore (4) SURF [Direct Clue??]

30 How words should be pronounced clearly (10) DISTINCTLY [Direct Clue]


1 They are excessively concerned with fashion (4) FOPS [Direct Clue??]

2 Most free from restraint (7) LOOSEST [Direct Clue]

3 Fragrant resin of tropical tree (5) ELEMI [Direct Clue??]

4 Making armed enclosure for a loved one (9) EMBRACING [Direct Clue]

5 Aces rightly make for contests for speed (5) RACES [Anag of ACES + R]

7 Buried to end hostilities (7) HATCHET [Direct Clue]

8 Sources of wealth (4,5) GOLDMINES [Direct Clue]

11 Extend in spatial length (7) PROLONG [Direct Clue??]

14 At home with model, sits and interrupts (10) INTERPOSES [Explanation please??]

16 Expressionless as a mask (7) DEADPAN [Direct Clue??]

18 Recently followed yesterday evening (4,5) LAST NIGHT [Direct Clue]

20 Open air? (7) CANDOUR [Direct Clue??]

22 Anthem sung as priest approaches altar (7) INTROIT [Direct Clue??]

24 Small welsh dog (5) CORGI [Direct Clue??]

25 Capital of Jordan (5) AMMAN [Direct Clue]

26 Move to get the better of opponent (4) PLOY [Direct Clue??]

The Hindu Crossword #8560 - 25th Mar 2006



1 1948 movie of the financially well placed (7,6) SITTING PRETTY [Direct Clue]

9 A wager to royalty from an accomplice (7) ABETTOR [A + BETTOR(Wager)]

10 Make a statement and close the innings (7) DECLARE [Double Defn.]

11 Procession of cars to transport a cad to Rome (9) MOTORCADE [Anag. of A CAD TO ROME]

12 Destined to be an overweight journalist (5) FATED [FAT is overweight ED is editor aka journalist]

13 Swimmer in the red whirled about (6) REELED [EEL is the swimmer, in the RED so R eel ED]

14 How to cook steak if looking for a word of appreciation (4,4) WELL DONE [Direct Clue]

17 A nastier, new type of well (8) ARTESIAN [Anag of A NASTIER]

19 Convent superior, bachelor backs little Elizabeth (6) ABBESS [Explanation please??]

23 Critical assessment, say, of light entertainment (5) REVUE [Homophone - REVUE sounds like REVIEW, Critical assessment]

25 Erratic type of troop member (9) IRREGULAR [Explanation please??]

26 A drink for the friendly (7) CORDIAL [Double Defn.]

27 Stay due to be made difficult at this time of the week (7) TUESDAY [Anag of STAY DUE]

28 Man of few words, this business associate (6,7) SILENT PARTNER [SILENT(Man of few words) + PARTNER(Associate)]


1 Speech impediment upsets m'master (7) STAMMER [Anag of M'MASTER]

2 Medico's vocation — to deal with people on time (9) TREATMENT [TREAT + MEN + T]

3 Among themselves, here printers engage in talk (5,2) INTER SE [Direct Clue??]

4 Reptile rising from its lair aggravates all (6) GARIAL [Reverse Container Clue - LAIR AGgravates]

5 Considered afresh and cashed the bonds (8) REDEEMED [Direct Clue]

6 Diplomatic fault rectified around Connecticut (7) TACTFUL [Anag of FAULT + CT]

7 It enables the baker to get a raise (5) YEAST [Direct Clue??]

8 Device operated by foot altered afresh (7) TREADLE [Anag of ALTERED]

15 Excessively burdened (9) OVERLADEN [Direct Clue]

16 Toy dog makes pop all in somehow (8) PAPILLON [Anag of POP ALL IN]

17 Fruit found in bed after almost a month (7) APRICOT [Almost APRI(L) + COT(Bed)]

18 A place is turned exceptional (7) SPECIAL [Anag of A PLACE IS]

20 A nightmare to irritate Teddy (7) BUGBEAR [BUG (Irritate) + BEAR (Teddy)]

21 Start saying invocation for an aerosol (7) SPRAYER [S + PRAYER]

22 No water in the faucet (3,3) DRY TAP [Direct Clue]

24 Agent of disease that could travel on the Internet (5) VIRUS [Direct Clue]

The Hindu Crossword #8559 - 24th March 2006



1 Where to find trash (11) WASTEBASKET [Direct Clue, but shouldnt it be 2 words?]

9 Shortfall cited, if wrongly (7) DEFICIT [Anag of CITED IF]

10 Groundnut or sesame? (7) OILSEED [They are both oil seeds]

11 Drug for a power yearning (5) PURGE [P + URGE]

12 Alert men begin moving craftily to cause hindrance (9) ENTRAMMEL [Anag of ALERT MEN + M(begin Moving)]

13 "Vortex" editor died unknown (4) EDDY [ED from editor, D from died, Y from unknown]

15 A negative would suffice? Impossible (2,3,2) NO CAN DO [Negative is NO Would is CAN Suffice is DO]

19 At a great distance, shout something different (1,3,3) A FAR CRY [Direct Clue]

20 Fertilizer from manure adds quality (4) UREA [Container Clue - manURE Adds]

24 Broadcast and support a passage (9) PROPAGATE [Broadcast is the Defn. PROP is support A GATE is a passage]

25 A vegetable said to be scorched (5) CHARD [Fits in there]

27 Card game in an Illinois city (7) CHICAGO [Direct Clue]

28 Letters showing right tilt (7) ITALICS [Direct Clue]

29 Burglar's aid for accessing scandalous secrets? (8,3) SKELETON KEY [Direct Clue]


1 In conflict, iron provides something to eat (5) WAFER [Conflict is WAR. Symbol of Iron is FE WA fe R]

2 Religious but, oddly, scared (6) SACRED [Anag of SCARED]

3 High regard is what 'e encounters on return (6) ESTEEM [Encounters is MEETS and E on return becomes E STEEM]

4 Operative procedure for a robot in trouble (8) ABORTION [Anag. of A ROBOT IN]

5 Infectious disease of poor Lazar a.k.a. black fever (4-4) KALA AZAR [Anag of LAZAR AKA]

6 Eleventh month of revolutionary calendar which figures in a lobster dish (9) THERMIDOR [No Clue how]

7 A commercial selected and taken over (7) ADOPTED [AD(Commercial) + OPTED(Selected) Taken over is the Defn.]

8 In which a lad ultimately becomes a grown up (5) ADULT [Container Clue - lAD ULTimately]

14 Bloomers found in Wordsworth's lines (9) DAFFODILS [Direct Clue]

16 Gibbon, for one, a grand imitator! (5,3) GREAT APE [Grand is GREAT, Imitator is APE]

17 Some figures that assist the mail sorter (4,4) AREA CODE [Direct Clue]

18 Fallout of wood work (7) SAWDUST [Direct Clue]

21 Flavouring that is the role of variety in life (5) SPICE [From Variety is SPICE of life]

22 Wool producer from Jaisalmer in olden times (6) MERINO [Container Clue - jailsalMER IN Olden]

23 Anti-aircraft fire getting doubly but briefly acknowledged (3-3) ACK ACK [Double ACKnowedgment(Brief)]

26 Cordial disposition of a girl accepting appeal (5) AMITY [IT(Appeal) in AMY(Girl) - AM IT Y]

The Hindu Crossword #8558 - 23rd Mar 2006



1 Disorder in medical speciality — inadequate (7) ENTROPY [Ravi : = disorder ENT - Medical speciality, rest i guessed]

5 Business house, new, cagey variety (6) AGENCY [Anag of N(ew) CAGEY]

11 Take a walk.: that is lawful (5) LEGIT [LEG IT - Take a walk]

12 Valuable painting — by Mr. Chips? (3,6) OLD MASTER [Direct Clue??]

13 I voted in a frenzy for divergence (9) DEVIATION [Pradeep : Anag of I VOTED IN A, Frenzy is the Anagram indicator, Divergence is the Defn.]

14 Language feature includes a bit of romanticism (5) NORSE [NOSE is a feature, R is a bit of romanticism]

15 Eastern study of a garden (4) EDEN [E + DEN]

17 Drunken master's in the garage (7) SMASHED [S mas HED]

21 Essayist was an eccentric don's aid (7) ADDISON [Anag of DONS AID]

22 Bird, reportedly underage (4) MYNA [Anita : reportedly indicates a
homophone, myna sounds like minor, which means underag

26 Open to view in a hovertrain (5) OVERT [Hidden Clue - hOVERTrain]

27 Is it blasé, oddly to keep steady (9) STABILISE [Anag of IS IT BLASE]

29 Chicken leg for playing the tavil? (9) DRUMSTICK [Ravi : DRUM STICK]

30 Try to throw up in the middle of hospital transport (5) RETCH [Middle of stRETCHer]

31 The right to get in with a meal starter (6) ENTREE [Explanation please??]

32 Oglers' arrest's questionable (7) STARERS [Anag of ARRESTS]


2 Part of Israel in which Beersheba is located (5) NEGEV [Ravi : the NEGEV desert lies in Israel]

3 Plant for producing wheat flour in the centre of Arni (6) RATTAN [Anita : wheat flour = ATTA in the center of A(rn)i = RN]

4 Gain in favour of the healthy (6) PROFIT [PRO + FIT]

6 Late Soviet policy — the last song played (8) GLASNOST [Ravi : Anagram last song]

7 The fame of the infamous (9) NOTORIETY [Direct Clue]

8 Delivery, one from a British royal house maybe (6) YORKER [YORK + ER]

9 Second-grade climber's aid is an inflated sac (7) BLADDER [B + LADDER]

10 Tumour a daemon unleashed (7) ADENOMA [Pradeep : Tumour is the Defn. Anag. of A DAEMON, unleashed is the Anag indicator]

16 The final outcome put paid to Ulster revolt (3,6) END RESULT [Pradeep : The final outcome is the Defn. Revolt is the Anag. indicator, Ulster is the Anag fodder, how do we arrive at END??]

18 Aversion to a staid set's rambling (8) DISTASTE [Pradeep : Aversion is the Defn. STAID SET is the Anag. fodder, rambling is the Anag indicator]

19 Devotion reverses quarrel over vessel (7) WORSHIP [Anita : quarrel =
row, reversed 'row' = WOR + vessel = SHIP]

20 Tanning material derived from a delicate chunky plant (7) CATECHU [Explanation please??]

23 Cheese dish found melting; start eating (6) FONDUE [Anita : melting =
anagram indicator, ana. of FOUND + start of the word 'eating' = E

24 Lot of money for a parcel (6) PACKET [Direct Clue??]

25 Image maker that does not lie (6) MIRROR [Direct Clue]

28 Finally put to rest (5) INTER [Direct Clue]

The Hindu Crossword #8557 - 22nd Mar 2006



1 Having a compassionate disposition could deter adherent unexpectedly (6-7) TENDER HEARTED [Anag of DETER AD]

10 Consistency in business, therefore, needs acceptance of note (9) COHERENCE [Therefore is HENCE, RE is note??]

11 Non-polluting, energy-saving transport (5) CYCLE [Direct Clue]

12 Protection, for example, in All India Services initially (5) AEGIS [EG (For Example) in AIS(All India Services) A eg IS]

13 Send one to Coventry (9) OSTRACISE [Direct Clue]

14 Observe, say, chap as a sailor (6) SEAMAN [Observe is SEE, sounds like SEA, chap is MAN]

16 A way with popular member to get the batsman out (5) STUMP [Fits in here, but explanation??]

19 Territory of a true leader of monks (5) REALM [REAL(True) + M(Leader of Monks)]

20 Fuss with a socialist and get admired (6) ADORED [ADO(Fuss) + RED(Socialist)]

25 Overplay a boring notice for "Nymph on a Tree" (9) HAMADRYAD [Explanation please??]

26 Purse distributed — splendid (5) SUPER [Anag of PURSE, distributed is the anagram indicator, splendid is the definition]

27 Chaplain with a fancy drape (5) PADRE [Anag of DRAPE, fancy is the anagram indicator, Chaplain is the definition]

28 Very clear and, at home, a mastermind about love (9) INGENIOUS?? [Seems to fit here but explanation??]

29 Crowd fear rent apart the footballer (6,7) CENTRE FORWARD [Anag of CROWD FEAR RENT, apart is the anag indicator, footballer is the definition]


2 A sound picture of the innards (8) ECHOGRAM [Direct Clue??]

3 Daughter's hidden skill in game (5) DARTS [Daughter's is DS Skill is ART, so D ART S]

4 Such sampling is haphazard (6) RANDOM [Direct Clue]

5 Toothless creature in garden gallery (8) EDENTATE [EDEN is garden, TATE is gallery??]

6 Crime lead worked out and salvaged (9) RECLAIMED [Anag of CRIME LEAD, worked out is the anag indicator, salvaged is the definition]

7 Geometrician that copper lied about (6) EUCLID [Anag of CU(Copper) + LIED]

8 Fights for discarded bits of food (6) SCRAPS [Direct Clue]

9 Latin, always a means of exerting pressure for getting something (5) LEVER [L + EVER(always)]

15 The last word daughter reportedly intended as a correction (9) AMENDMENT [Explanation please??]

17 Period of recreation to prevent Jack becoming dull (8) PLAYTIME [Direct Clue]

18 It covers an opening, an opening to a carriage? (4,4) TRAP DOOR [Direct Clue??]

21 Packing first of underwear in clothing under compulsion (6) DURESS [Explanation please??]

22 Figure has changed on exercise (5) SHAPE [Direct Clue]

23 A smear that the GM used wilily (6) SMUDGE [Anag of GM USED]

24 Slow movement in music (6) ADAGIO [Not too sure]

26 Wines build muscle (5) SINEW [Anag of WINES]

The Hindu Crossword #8556 - 21st Mar 2006



1 Endure first of teeth breaking: get a replacement (7) DENTURE [Anag of ENDRUE + T(first of teeth)]

5 Rejection of endless commotion in a genuine setting (7) REFUSAL [Explanation please??]

9 Not quite the chief but close to it (6,2,7) SECOND IN COMMAND [Direct Clue]

10 Emanation, golden within, in dawn (6) AURORA [Explanation please??]

11 Men raged about a policeman in France (8) GENDARME [Anag of MEN RAGED]

13 Word in America for the end of the line (8) TERMINUS [TERM IN US(Word in America)]

15 Disordered situation in Timor associated with violence (6) MORASS [Hidden Clue - tiMOR ASSociated]

18 Thick soup is a drug on time (6) POTAGE [POT(Drug) + AGE(Time)]

19 Engaged in a headlong rush, a grandee slipped (8) GADARENE [Anag of A GRANDEE]

22 Electrical device that spoilt the roast (8) RHEOSTAT [Anag of THE ROAST]

24 Set fire to soft, brown coal, removing the top (6) IGNITE [(L) IGNITE]

27 Italian notion as spelt out in state take-over (15) NATIONALISATION [Anag of ITALIAN NOTION AS]

28 Revolutionary guidance to find a pigment (3,4) RED LEAD [RED(Revolutionary + LEAD(Guidance)]

29 Cricketer on ground with hesitant expression (7) FIELDER [Explanation please??]


1 Some music in a record a worker followed (7) DISCANT [DISC is Record, ANT is worker, how does it work though??]

2 More pleasant part of ethnic ergonomics (5) NICER [Hidden Clue - ethNIC ERgonomics]

3 In victory, gunner turns intimidating (9) UNNERVING [Anag of I V GUNNER]

4 Way out for a former partner with appeal (4) EXIT [Former is EX, how do we get IT??]

5 Firework that could unsettle an alien (6) ROCKET [ROCK ET (as in Extra Terrestrial)]

6 Well-known craze about note (5) FAMED [Explanation please??]

7 Means of going up or down, a scariest arrangement... (9) STAIRCASE [Anag of A SCARIEST]

8 ... and other aids for going up or down for boys, the German included (7) LADDERS [LAD DER S]

12 Actor's signal for action (3) CUE [Direct Clue]

14 Went back to be given another party (9) RETREATED [RE TREATED]

16 A drink agreed on, a blend (9) ORANGEADE [Anag of AGREED ON]

17 Is it where lawyers quench their thirst? (3) BAR [What kind of clue would one call this??]

18 An associate getting normal hire charge reversed (7) PARTNER [PAR is normal TNER is RENT reversed]

20 A woman like Adele, an organist in hiding (7) ELEANOR [Hidden Clue - adELE AN ORganist]

21 Bad art marring sleeveless jacket (6) TABARD [Anag of BAD ART]

23 Reproductive cell with a small opening (5) SPORE [S(Small) + PORE(Opening)]

25 Homer's great work (5) ILIAD [Direct Clue]

26 Petty quarrel involving non-plain litigant (4) TIFF [From PLAIN TIFF]

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